Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Curtains in the Fish Bowl

It has been said that being a preacher's wife is much like living in a fish bowl. At times, it does feel like people can see completely into my whole life, and I wonder if they like what they see. I know that as Christ followers, we are not to SEEK the approval of men or women for that matter.   When I find that not only church acquaintances but even total strangers are observing my actions, I want to hang some curtains up in that bowl.  Even more than that, I want to hide inside my little plastic castle, and when I peek my head out, there are still big eyes staring into the bowl.  I guess they are transparent curtains :)

For those times that I want to hide, I am grateful that I love a God who receives me with open arms, and then after a time, he nudges me out of my little hiding place.   Then I realize that it is not a fish bowl after all, but an ocean of opportunity.

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